Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Newfoundland Mortgage Brokers and the creator of this website are strictly committed to maintain the privacy of the information including addresses and phone numbers provided by the users subscribing to various services. By going through this page you will know how we collect, use and protect the personal information provided to us by you. We know the importance of the information gathered and hence are committed to safeguard it.

The information collected by us is used for purposes like informing the users about new offers, features and marketing relevant content. At times the information is used to curb unlawful activities by users. This entire system of collecting, managing and using personal information is carried on under strict corporate standards facilitated to protect the security and privacy of the user's personal information. A consumer has the right to know about the usage of the personal information and also to revise and amend the information as required.

We use a highly effective security safeguard system combining intrusion detection software, password protection software and firewalls to secure the personally identifiable information. This system safeguards against misuse, theft or loss of personal information. If you choose to interact with us through email, we will retain the content of the email along with the email address and responses. We will only use it to correspond with you on strictly business purpose. However, as a visitor you will retain the right to discontinue this service. Your information will be removed from mailing list without contributing to spam. Although we make every possible effort to secure information, any system is vulnerable to hackers. We are not responsible for security violation beyond our reasonable control.

Third Party

Newfoundland Mortgage Brokers and the website creators are not responsible for content published in the links appearing on the website page. These links often contain useful information for the users and are hence published.

Notification of Changes to the Privacy Policy

We hold the right to revise and amend policy as per the demands of law. However, we will notify the visitors regarding any substantial change made to our privacy practices in case it violates the privacy of our visitors. You are requested to check the website to find out regarding any change as our creators will post the same 14 days prior to the effective date. In case you have queries about the terms of the policy, email us at If you wish any changes in your personal information or need help regarding service discontinuation, please contact

Liability Disclaimer

The website owners along with its officers, directors, employees, contractors or suppliers do not warrant for merchantability or assume any legal liability towards the accuracy, entirety and utility of any information from the website. Moreover, they assume no responsibility of damages including but not limited to compensatory and penalizing damages, loss of income or profit, loss of data, damage of property, indirect loss and claims of third party. We take measures to maintain the relevance and accuracy of data. However, if you notice any discrepancy you can inform us at

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