New Residents to Canada

New Residents to Canada

As a newcomer to Canada getting a home may be a bit challenging. However, with our new residents to Canada mortgage program you can be sure that your circumstance will be treated with the care and understanding required to ensure that you have the opportunity of owning your home.

Here are some of the features of our new residents to Canada mortgage program.

  • If you are a new permanent resident in Canada with a credit rating that is young, relatively limited and there is an unavailability of overseas credit bureaus; we are flexible with our assessment of your available credit history in determining your qualification for the mortgage.
  • If you are a non-permanent new resident to Canada, you can also be able to have access to a mortgage plan with as much as 90% LTV ratio for every single unit residential home purchased.
  • Regardless of your residential status, whether it is a non-permanent or a permanent status, we will not charge you any extra premiums or fees.
  • We do not require or place any minimum expected period of residency in qualifying you for a mortgage.

Our new residents to Canada mortgage opportunities offer newcomers to this country a significant amount of benefits, two of which include;

  • You can own a home with as little as 5% down payment if you have a permanent residence status.
  • You can obtain highly competitive interest rates from Canadian banks with our insured financing.

As non-permanent or permanent new residents to Canada wishing to secure a mortgage plan with us, we would require you as a matter of priority to meet the following requirements.

Provide evidence of steady and consistent income and employment.

Provide evidence of credit, which can be a written reference letter from your bank where a Canadian Credit bureau is unavailable to you.

You can contact us and speak with a mortgage representative for more information on how our new residents to Canada mortgage programs can be of benefit to you

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