Cash Back

Cash Back

If you are a first time home buyer then a cash-back mortgage can prove really useful to you. This is a mortgage plan in which you can get as much as 5% cash-back from your down payment and expected mortgage balance payment which you can use for other priority items like the furnishing of your home, the buying of home appliances or doing home renovations.

Cash-back mortgage in Canada is in high demand, particularly by first time home buyers and with the obvious benefits, it's no real surprise.

Why Is Cash-Back Mortgage Ideal for You?
  • Cash-back mortgage is great for you if you need some extra money to buy home appliances, furniture items and home renos; after you have purchased your new home, but lack sufficient funds to equip it. With the cash-back mortgage you can gain some financial relief and be able to buy those items you need for your home.
  • Cash-back can be extremely useful if you need funds to cover logistic expenses and legal fees after you have withdrawn on your down payment on a home buyer mortgage program.
  • You can take up a cash-back mortgage if you need extra funds as cash-in hand to help you meet unforeseen expenses after assuming the liability that comes with the cost of home ownership.
  • Cash-back mortgage can enable you raise money in meeting financial obligations, such as; lawyer’s fees, land transfer taxes, as well as closing costs. With a bank it is possible for you to get as much as 5.5% cash-back at 5.24% after bank charges and costs are deducted.

The cash-back funds can be made available in just a couple of days after securing your new home. You can get more information about our cash-back mortgage program when you get in touch with us.

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